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Are biodegradable phone cases really biodegradable?

Are biodegradable phone cases really biodegradable?

Yes! Biodegradable phone cases are really biodegradable but do not worry, a good biodegradable phone case won’t biodegrade whilst protecting your phone.

Biodegradable phone cases have gained in popularity in the last few years. As more education is released on the negative impacts of plastic waste more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their plastic waste footprint. Biodegradable phone cases are one of the steps to a plastic free life, but the question remains are biodegradable phone cases really biodegradable?

biodegradable phone case

Biodegradable phone cases are advertised everywhere and unless you have been living under a rock the past few years you would have probably seen countless adverts from companies claiming to have the best biodegradable phone case. All brands claim that their cases are 100% biodegradable but not all their cases are actually fully 100% biodegradable.

When you look at the websites of the leading brands of biodegradable phone cases you will find claims that their phone cases are made from materials such as bamboo, wood, wheat, and bioplastics. These companies sometimes also have initiatives to give back to the environment like Sea Shepherd or One Tree Planted.

Biodegradable phone cases are a good idea, they stop the user buying a phone case that isn’t biodegradable that may harm the planet. But not all the claims from companies are 100% solid when we examined their websites. Most phone cases are made from synthetic leather or plastic which is bad for the environment and sustainability. Worst of all these types of cases are not biodegradable. When these types of phone cases break or when the user gets a new phone, they either get thrown in the trash or forgotten about.

Biodegradable phone cases are better as they naturally break down and do not release harmful microplastics into the environment and soil when they biodegrade.

When choosing your new biodegradable phone case make sure that you see a list of the materials that have gone into making the phone case. Many companies will just use the tag line “biodegradable" which means nothing if it cannot be supported. The best biodegradable phone cases are made from wheat grass and potato starch as these materials are fully biodegradable, natural, vegan and compostable.


phone case made from potatoes

It seems that biodegradable phone cases are compostable rather than biodegradable. Which is still amazing, but you must place them in a compost bin rather than landfill for the case to biodegrade properly.

Act71 phone cases are zero waste driven and 100% compostable, made of potato starch and wheat grass. This makes these phone cases fully biodegradable under the correct composting conditions. They biodegrade in 6-12 months which is much better than 400 years for a plastic phone case.

Final Thoughts

Biodegradable phone cases are indeed biodegradable but only under compostable conditions. If you do not have a compost bin then you can send your used biodegradable phone case back to the company you purchased it from to have them compost it safely back into the environment for you.

Be aware of claims made by companies who just focus a small section of their website devoted to zero waste and biodegradable phone cases. This usually means they do not work in a field that is passionate to them and are merely riding a growing movement, something we don’t want!

As always, environmentalism isn’t just biodegradable phone cases, its bigger than that, but we have to start somewhere and that somewhere is a good quality biodegradable phone case with a statement driven message evoking change in societal behaviour.

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