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About Us

 Our Story

We believe in making a statement! One that inspires action.

Reducing waste is not enough, we want to wear it as a badge, promote it daily and encourage everyone to start thinking sustainably and take action.

And what do we use daily? Our phones.

That’s why we created our phone cases not just to be 100% biodegradable, compostable, zero waste, eco-friendly and vegan, we made their talking points their visual identity, making their message impossible to go unnoticed.

With bold statement slogans and eye catching typography, Act71 cases stand out from the crowd, making a statement that no one can miss. Act71 is the new way to express who you are, what you stand for and what you believe.

Subliminal messaging is powerful and the simplest statements are the boldest. Carrying your phone around everyday with a case displaying powerful messaging puts waste reduction at the forefront of people’s mind, promoting them to take action and start thinking sustainably.

Show off your case with pride knowing that you have helped the planet and through its style and visual appeal, lead others to make a positive impact on this planet too.

Where it Began

When founders Andy and Katie Mant took action to reduce the volume of waste in their home, they created visual cues around them to continuously prompt them to always think sustainably. They called their project “Act71” after their house number and their quest to take action.

The most powerful visual cue was their screensavers set on their phone to display the statement ZERO WASTE. Every time they looked at their phone they were reminded of their goal.

And when you look at your phone hundreds of times a day, this becomes a pretty powerful subliminal message.

This got them thinking. If the message on their phone screen was so powerful in reminding them of their waste reduction goal, what if the same statement was displayed on the reverse of their phone for others to see?

They spent the next few months working with suppliers to create a prototype phone case that was in itself zero waste, biodegradable, plant based and vegan with bold visual graphics to display their zero waste messaging. The end result was perfect.

They tested the phone cases for 3 months, seeing the reaction they got from friends, family and strangers who caught a glimpse of their phone. The results astounded them.

Not only were there so many comments about how much people liked their phone cases, it sparked up many conversations about reducing waste. It was clear, the simplest statements are the boldest.

And so Act71 phone cases was born.

Our Mission

Make a statement for action